Marek Skorupski - a film editor by vocation!


Currently one of the most experienced commercials, music videos and documentary films editors; respected by many directors. Projects edited by Marek won dozens of prizes both at Polish and international competitions and festivals. But where did his success start?


Early 90s. The after school club. Television and music videos were first shown on MTV! It was a love at first sight and he started dreaming of doing these kind of things in the future. To make clips and films that move people’s hearts.

Half way through the 90s the dream started becoming reality. Marek started working as a film editor at Polish National Television (TVP) where he was systematically improving his professional qualifications.

Everything started with „Stokrotka”

His first clip edited in 1998 called „Stokrotka” for the band T.Love (directed by Mariusz Palej) – wins the silver Grand Prix at the Yach Film Festival and with this prize the editor gained momentum to further his professional development. Only a year later, the video clip based on Cezary Pazura’s song „Przystojny jestem” wins the gold Grand Prix at the same festival.  From this point on Marek sees that the dreams are coming true. This mindset helps in reaching his next goals.

Years of experience in charity, art and commercial projects

Marek is a member of the Polish Film Editor Association (Polskie Stowarzyszenie Montażystów) – an organization bringing together the best film editors in Poland, since its origins in 2005. As a freelancer, Marek works for most of the recognized directors, artists and brands, both in Poland and internationally. He edits films, music videos and commercials, including promos for big social campaigns. The best examples of the quality of his work are gold prizes for film editing of the commercial „Pond” (directed by Maciek Kowalczuk) for Simplus and „Piotr” (directed by Joanna Rechnio) for VW Bank – awarded KTR prize in 2009.

An advertising spot he edited „I’m not asking to be a firefighter” (directed by Maciek Kowalczuk) is an important part of social campaign for people with disabilities, and has won many prices including the Golden Drum and Silver Drum 2016. Marek has recently finalized a documentary film „Love and Empty words”, directed by Małgorzata Imielska. He’s planning to debut in the feature films arena in the near future.


2018 „Love and Empty words”, directed by Małgorzata Imielska, Special Award at the 28th Man in Danger doc film festival in Łódź

2016 „I’m not asking to be a firefighter”, directed by Maciek Kowalczuk

  • The Gold and silver award at the International Festival of Advertising Drum Fest, Slovenia 2016
  • The Brown Lion at the International Festival of Creativity, Cannes 2016
  • Received the title of one of the best adverts in the world according to AD Forum, 1st of April 2016
  • The Gold Award and Grand Prix at Innovation AD 2016
  • 4 Gold Awards and 1 Silver Award at Polish Advert Festival (KTR) 2016
  • Grand Prix and the Main Award in the Film/TV category at the Independent Advert Competition, Kreatura 2016

2015 Documentary film „Love and Empty words”, directed by Małgorzata Imielska.

2013 „AIDS – Silent Lover”, directed by Tadeusz Śliwa, award for soundtrack at KTR

2013 A series of short films „Historia Prawdziwa”, directed by Marcin Koszałka, honorable mention at Camerimage 2013.

2011 Netia „Trans”, directed by Maciek Kowalczuk, Silver Award at KTR 2011.

2011 Simplus „Cold War”, directed by Maciek Kowalczuk, Brown Award at KTR 2011.

Other awards and projects

2010 Simplus „Mutti”, directed by Maciek Kowalczuk, the Gold Award for direction at KTR 2010.

2009 Simplus „Staw”, directed by Maciek Kowalczuk, the Gold Award for film editing at KTR 2009.

2009 VW Bank „Wolni zawodowcy”, directed by Joanna Rechnio, the Gold Award for film editing at KTR 2009.

2004 Documentary film „W cieniu K2”, directed by Robert Wichrowski, Special Award for the director at Climbing Film Festival.

2001 Video clip Houk „Zion”, First Award nomination for film editing at Yach Film Festival.

2001 IKEA – series of films, directed by Michał Sabliński, Golden Drum Award in Portorož.

2001 Documentary film „Człowiek magnes”, directed by Marcin Wrona, co-editing.

2000 Documentary film „W drodze do trzeciego nieba”, directed by Jacek Jędrzejewicz, co-editing.

1999 Documentary film „Łódź Kaliska – XX lat prowokacji”, directed by Grzegorz Sadurski.

1999 Documentary film „Filmy o filmach” – o „Pożegnaniach” W. Hasa”, directed by G.Jankowski, J.Szczerba.

1999 Video clip for Formacja Nieżywych Schabuff band „Mów mi Elvis”, directed by Mariusz Palej, award on Euroshots.

1999 Video clip for Cezary Pazura`s song „Przystojny jestem”, directed by Mariusz Palej, Grand Prix on Yach Film Festival.

1998 Video clip for T.LOVE band „Stokrotka”, directed by Mariusz Palej, Silver Grand Prix at Yach Film Festival.

Co-operation with the directors

Ryszard Brylski, Jan Jakub Kolski, Wojtek Smarzowski, Krzysztof Krauze, Łukasz Kośmicki, Tomasz Konecki, Piotr Mikucki, Mariusz Palej, Maciek Kowalczuk, Bartek Ignaciuk, Mikael Lypinski, Jarek Minkowicz, Grzegorz Sadurski, Marcin Wrona, Macin Ziębiński, Łukasz Zadrzyński, Marcin Koszałka, Bartek Cierlica, Sebastian Pańczyk, Mariusz Treliński, Marek Dawid, Kot Przybora,Konqubinat. Tadeusz Śliwa, Robert Wichrowski, Małgorzata Imielska, Piotr Onopa, Joanna Rechnio, Bartek Prokopowicz

Stik Ake Nielsen, Dule Anicic, Jesper Ohlsson, Devon Dickson, Pep Bosch, Linus Ewers, Kevin Molony, Mehdi Norowzian, Bruce Paramore, Manfredo Leteo, Simon Cheek, Johan Brisinger, Howard Greenhalgh, Mark Nunneley, Julien Eudes, Fritz Fiedler, Ash Bolland,Wolfberg,Ross Coopers, Rob Payton, Daniel Skogland, Caswell Coggins, Marc Raymond Wilkins